The Ultimate Gift Christmas Holiday PowerPoint
I knew exactly what I wanted as I entered the store. The ultra-giant print King James Version New Testament Bible with a hard cover was perfect. It would be a special Christmas present.
It was for Pa.
My Grandfather was a towering figure in my young life. The Indian heritage of my family tree runs through him. Before you trace the family tree back to names like “Standing Doe” and “Five Killer,” there is Pa.

Does God Exist?

Millions of students are being pounded with anti-God propaganda in their schools and on the internet. For those students who may need some help navigating the course, and for those who guide them, the following truth is written.
Questions Are Good; Good Answers are even Better
It is not wrong to ask good questions about God. Good questions may lead to good answers. Great things can happen when God is brought up in the classroom.  Those who believe in God should give others a reason to believe. Of course we wish that all people accepted what the Bible says. That would be the end of the argument. But even when people don’t accept the truth of scripture we can still help them. The following truths are logical helps for those who are skeptical and doubting.

Predestined or Not?

People are often troubled with questions about predestination. Confusion abounds, but God gives us answers in the Bible.

Do We Believe in Predestination?

Yes, we do believe in predestination.  The Bible teaches it.

“For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren.” – Romans 8:29

Why the Confusion?
Predestination is not what many people think it is. A popular use of the term leaves some people with the idea that God chooses only certain people to be saved and then causes them to believe in Christ by giving them faith. But what about those who are stuck outside this group of special elected people? Well, according to this view, they go to Hell because they were condemned before they ever took a breath. This confusing teaching is often coupled with other unscriptural claims such as the upsetting notion that Jesus did not even die for those who are not chosen. The conclusions of this faulty set of ideas have left many people confused and angry towards God.

God’s Safety Net

On May 28, 1937 the Golden Gate Bridge was opened across the waters of San Francisco Bay. President Franklin D. Roosevelt announced the achievement from the White House, yet the bridge was already famous all over the world. The construction of the bridge was managed with the safety of its workers in mind. In a day when workers lives were expected to be lost as the cost of doing business, the managers of this project took special care to ensure safety.

Is Jesus God’s Gift for Everyone?

The small plane circles and the skywriter closes his loop of smoke. Under a cloudless sky, tens of thousands of people look up and see the forming of a massive smiley face against a blue infinity. Now the skywriter begins his text message. Skillfully he writes. Children look on and wonder if he can finish his last word before the wind scatters the first word. The smiley face is already a wind?blown oval. He races. They watch curiously from the ground. And now the message is out. “Christ died for you!” sprawls across the sky. People point and the children marvel. But is it really true? Can we tell a hundred thousand people of all walks of life and viewpoints that Jesus died for their sins and know that we speak the truth?