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Meet Freddie

Freddie is passionate about declaring the truth of the Bible with clarity and simplicity!
The target of his ministry is to clearly communicate the gospel of grace to unbelievers and solid Bible teaching to believers in order to nurture them to grow and walk in fellowship with Jesus Christ. His ministry of speaking and writing is warmly received and embraced by audiences all over, and God is changing lives. 
Freddie is the President of Focus Evangelistic Ministries, Inc. He is an evangelist and Bible teacher, communicating Christ with clarity in many places and settings. He is the founder of Grace Farm, a camp and training center in Dewy Rose, Georgia. He is also the author of First Steps, a guide for growing believers.
Freddie is supported through the financial support of churches and individuals who believe in the ministry that God has entrusted to him. He does not charge a fee for his speaking ministries, but trusts the Lord’s people to care for and support him.

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If you would like to hear any sermons or messages Freddie has preached, we have a few options. You can visit our YouTube Channel or visit our podcast profile